“Is This Covered Under My Plan Or Not?”- 5 common things to consider before picking up that integrated shield plan

Can I be covered for Pre and Post Hospitalisation Treatments?

Raffles Shield Private, Raffles Shield A and B covers pre and post hospitalisation treatment, but not Raffles Shield Standard.

Do also note that coverage is not applicable to treatments that occurred before Policy Start Date. This means that any hospitalisation expenses that incurred before the Policy Start Date will not be covered.

What happens if I am travelling and need medical treatment?

Only Emergency Overseas Medical Treatment is covered under Raffles Shield Private, Raffles Shield Plan A and B. It is not covered under Raffles Shield Standard. Any other medical treatment outside of Singapore not classified as an emergency will not be covered. Do contact us to double check what qualifies as an Emergency Overseas Medical Treatment.

Are my yearly health screenings covered?

Medical check-ups are excluded from coverage. Therefore, hospitalisation for the primary purpose of diagnosis, x-ray examinations (including CT Scans and MRI Scans), or health screenings are excluded from coverage, unless the eventual treatment requires hospitalisation or surgery as covered under Your Policy.

What kinds of cosmetic or reconstructive surgery qualify for coverage?

Cosmetic or plastic surgery is usually excluded from coverage. However, there are exceptions:

a) When breast reconstruction is needed after a mastectomy as a result of breast cancer;

b) When cosmetic or plastic surgery is needed due to an accident resulting in permanent debilitating scarring or loss of function of a body part.

What happens if I wish to upgrade my existing integrated shield plan but developed a chronic ailment after the plan has started?

The Integrated Shield plans under RHI will allow policyholders who started with Raffles Shield B to upgrade to Raffles Shield A, or Raffles Shield A to Raffles Shield A with Raffles Hospital Option without additional medical assessment, provided these conditions can be met:

  • The upgrade needs to be implemented within 5 years from the start of the policy;
  • No claims and downgrades had been conducted during the 5 years.

This is a friendly gesture because in contrast, most integrated shield plans will conduct another round of medical assessment for upgrades and might reject the upgrade.

Additionally, if you want private hospital care but do not want to pay high premiums for private hospital coverage, you can opt for the Raffles Hospital Option. Do note that while this option gives you more affordable rates while being covered under Raffles Hospital’s A class wards, it still has a higher premium than Raffles Shield A.

If you want to compare benefits and prices of all our available plans, head on over here. We are sure you will find a suitable combination. If you need more assistance in choosing the right plan for yourself or family members, do head on over here.

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