Gardening Your Way to Health and Happiness (Webinar)

Gardening your way to health and happiness

The pandemic has taken a toll on the mental health of many. More than a year on in our fight, the uncertainties of the pandemic still loom large with increasing concerns of pandemic fatigue.

What can we do to cope with all the negative emotions that we have? How can gardening help improve our mental health? Join us in our webinar to find out more. There will also be a live demonstration on basic gardening by Edible Garden City, so get your green thumbs ready for the webinar!

This webinar is in collaboration with Edible Garden City.

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Key Summary Points - Gardening Your Way to Health & Happiness

Our Speakers

Picture of Dr Michelle Cheung

Dr Michelle Cheung

Senior Physician, General Practitioner, Raffles Medical Group

Picture of Adeline Chang

Adeline Chang

Therapeutic Horticulture Lead, Edible Garden City

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