Growing Up in the New Normal- How it Affects my Child’s Development and Physical Health (Webinar)

Growing up in the new normal

Have you ever wondered how the COVID-19 pandemic may affect your child’s learning and growth?

As parents, many of us may also be worried about how our child is coping emotionally with the increased stress and reduced social interactions.

In this webinar, we have invited Dr David Ng, Paediatrician from Raffles Medical Group to share with us on the effects of the pandemic on our child’s development and health, and how we can create a conducive environment for their growth in this new normal.

Dr Ng will also be sharing useful tips to boost immunity for your child to stay healthy and strong. So Join us in this webinar and learn more from our doctor!

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Our Speaker

Picture of Dr David Ng Chee Hsiong

Dr David Ng Chee Hsiong

Paediatrician, Raffles Medical Group

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