Guilt-free snacks for the school holidays

It’s the school holidays, so that means the kids are back at home and parents will need to stock up their kitchens, fridges and larders with enough snacks to keep them well-fed and happy.

Snacks are a part of a child’s diet and very often, kids look forward to snack time more than normal mealtime. Good healthy snacks play an important role in meeting a child’s daily nutritional needs. Ensure that your child is eating healthily even at snack time with some of these healthy snack ideas.


Yes, popcorn is a whole grain and actually has four grams of fibre per three-cup serving. Air-popped plain popcorn may not entice a child but you can jazz it up with grated cheese, honey or cinnamon sugar in moderation.


Pizza is really another form of sandwich. It can be healthy with the right use of toppings! The combinations are numerous: sliced bell peppers, boiled chicken breast, pineapples, tomatoes, low sodium canned tuna in water, tomatoes or olive oil. Sprinkle some chopped nuts and seeds for added crunch. Pizza can even be a meal by itself. For healthier pizza, opt for a pizza base made from wholemeal flour.


Flavourful and satisfying, not to mention the protein and calcium it contains. The key is making sure that it is not in every meal or snack, as cheese contains very high levels of sodium. Pair it up with wholegrain plain crackers or top whole grain crackers with a soft cheese spread or a piece of tasty cheddar for easy-to-prepare snacks that are rich in calcium.


Popsicles are a great hit with children, especially in hot and humid Singapore. You can make them with yoghurt for the extra calcium intake, or simply blend fruits and freeze. It’s a healthy treat for your child and you!

Home-made muesli/granola bars

Made with rolled oats, nuts and seeds as well as fruits with a drizzle of honey, these bars are rich in vitamins, minerals, omega-3 and fibre. Involve your children in the preparation to develop their interest in what they eat.

Too much snacking is bad for your teeth

Although snacking is essential to avoid hunger in between meals, do take caution regarding snacking too much. Snacking too much can often contribute to cavities and tooth decay. In order not to risk your child’s dental health, avoid high sugar and sodium snacks, and consume more low sugar and high fibre snacks. Proper care of a child’s primary teeth is very important, as these teeth hold space for future development of permanent teeth.

As parents, you are always looking out for the best for your children, right down to the foods they eat to ensure their health and physical development. But what happens if something happens to you unexpectedly? Raffles Shield is the only Integrated Shield Plan that waives the premiums of the private shield should the parent payor pass away or become incapacitated. Head on here to find out more, or contact us here for a more in-depth consultation.

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