RHI Webinar Special – Breast Cancer Overview

Breast cancer Overview

#DidYouKnow? About 1 in 6 women who suffer from breast cancer are under the age of 45.

Young women can get breast cancer and they are also the ones who tend to have more aggressive forms of the disease. However, breast cancer need not result in death, especially with early detection and treatment.

What signs and symptoms should you be looking out for? Join us in our special webinar series to learn more about breast cancer and to arm yourselves with the knowledge to fight this disease!

This webinar is in partnership with Breast Cancer Foundation.

Key Highlights

Webinar Recording

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Breast Self-Examination Video

Resource Download

Download your e-copy of ‘The Breast Book (English Version)‘ today.

Our Speakers

Picture of Dr Sarah Lu

Dr Sarah Lu

Specialist in General Surgery (Raffles Medical Group)

Ms Stephanie Lim

Acting Head of Advocacy & Communications (Breast Cancer Foundation)

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