Say ‘Yes’ To Life!

All work and no play makes your body a sick one. Find your balance between work and your life.

The human body is not designed to toil indefinitely. Even machines have regular servicing and maintenance checkpoints to keep them running efficiently. In the long run, ‘burn-out’ may set in and it will not be efficient for both employee and employer. Employers therefore also stand to gain with work-life friendly policies. Such benefits include:
• Higher productivity and shareholder value
• Improved employee engagement and satisfaction
• Improved customer experience
• Improved attraction and retention of talent
• Reduced health-related costs (eg. absenteeism, medical leave)
• Improved customer experience
Regain your work-life balance with these practical ways

When off work, go offline

The temptation is real, but put your phone and laptop away when off work. Enjoy your time with your family and friends.

Take a well-deserved holiday

It doesn’t have to be expensive, but a holiday overseas can invigorate your body and mind and give you more energy when you go back to work.

Exercise and Sleep Well

Leading a healthy lifestyle is the most important for your health. After all the hard work, find time to eat right, exercise and sleep well. Living well will help you perform better at work.

Multi-tasking is a myth

Did you know that multi-tasking is really task-switching? As your brain switches from task to task, you are wasting productivity and you never get into the zone for either activity

Get Organised

Prioritise your work each day and setup to-do lists. Implement these time management tips and get the most out of your day.

Go Flexi

More companies are aware of the importance of worklife balance. If you are struggling to balance the stressors of life and work, find out if you can opt for flexible hours, telecommute, compressed work week, job-sharing, or part-time employment.

Use technology smartly

Get organised with emails, avoid lengthy meetings, and opt to conduct discussions over the phone or via group emails. Remember to be respectful of one another’s off-work hours and keep such conversations short.

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