Tackling Your WFH Health Issues with Korean Red Ginseng (Webinar)

Tackling your WFH health issues with Korean Red Ginseng

How do you feel about Working From Home (WFH)? While some rejoice from the flexibility of WFH, others are facing greater stress having to juggle both work and family commitments together. No matter what your feelings about WFH may be, you should be aware that this new work normal may bring about its fair share of health issues.

In this webinar, we are collaborating with Wing Joo Loong to look at the potential health risks associated with WFH and how Korean Red Ginseng can help to address these health issues.

This webinar is in collaboration with Wing Joo Loong Singapore.

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Our Speakers

Picture of Physician Pan Chien Ying

Physician Pan Chien Ying

TCM Physician

Picture of Ms Liyean

Ms Liyean

Marketing Manager, Wing Joo Loong

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