Teleconsultation, the Future of Healthcare

Teleconsultation - The Future of Healthcare

As we go about the new normal with the current pandemic ongoing, the teleconsultation service (or Telemedicine to some) has seen a boost in its popularity. For the unaware, teleconsultation is a safe and convenient way to get prompt medical attention from a medical doctor virtually, which seems to be the trend these days.

Teleconsultation brings a myriad of benefits to the consumer, with the most important being increased accessibility to healthcare. In Singapore, while the primary healthcare network’s geographical reach is relatively extensive when compared to other countries (we are a city-state after all), certain pain points are quite evident when you delve into the details of the actual journey.

Teleconsultion - The Future of Healthcare_waiting

Seeking medical care at a physical clinic

When considering to seek medical care, the travel distance might put you off. Sure, the nearest clinic could be just 500m walk away but if you are feeling unwell, it might feel like a marathon (in Singapore’s humid and hot weather, no less). 

Even if you managed to arrive at the clinic, there would usually be a queue for the doctor and while waiting in line seems to be a Singaporean’s favourite pastime, you could easily do without it. Furthermore, with the current pandemic, reducing the chance of catching a new illness or virus should always be welcomed and prioritised.

Teleconsult a doctor

Seeking medical care through teleconsultation

Now, compare the journey described above with one that only requires a few swipes and button presses on your phone, all in the comfort of your own home. The choice becomes pretty clear. Additionally, most teleconsultation services are 24/7 for greater convenience.

Teleconsultation is here to stay

Even if the current COVID-19 pandemic comes to an end (fingers-crossed) or becomes endemic, we do believe teleconsultation will be here to stay. Just like Zoom meetings (I know, we have mixed feelings about this too but it has been mostly a life-saver for most business teams), teleconsultation is going to be a key component in any healthcare service provider. 

Moreover, with the advent of 5G, teleconsultation will see a further increase in its capabilities and utility. When paired with other upcoming developments in the healthcare space such as IoT health tracking devices and AR/ VR patient engagement, there should be a wide range of potential applications that will further meet your healthcare needs.

Teleconsult VR

Teleconsultation provides a viable alternative to seeking medical treatments

Teleconsultation is not going to fully replace primary healthcare treatments but will definitely be a key value offering in our healthcare industry. If you want to find out more about teleconsultation, please click here.

Ongoing now till 30th June 2021, Raffles Health Insurance will be offering GP and Teleconsultation coverage with our Raffles Shield plans in our 2+2 Booster offering. Do check it out here.

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