The 411 about your breasts

Going through puberty is not easy. The changes in a girl’s body are major, along with huge emotional changes. One of the biggest physical changes are the development of breasts. For all the girls who are going through puberty- this one’s for you! For all the ladies out there, this is useful for you too! Find out all the things you’re dying to know about breasts.

There is no right age to bud.

Breast development may start anytime between 8 to 13 years old. This is all totally normal ages to start to bud so you need not be overly worried if you start developing around 8 to 10 years old.

Your breasts can be of different sizes

While your breasts are developing, you may find that they are lopsided in size. There is no reason to worry about the difference even though they can be more than a cup size. It can take years to even out although sometimes it may be a little different throughout your life. This is normal!

Breast development takes years

You’ll know your breasts are starting to develop when you see mounds or bumps around or under your nipple. After this phase, you will see your entire breast getting larger. After that, your nipple and areola (which is the area around the nipple) will darken and form a separate, small mound. The entire process may take 3-5 years.

There are many options for your first bra

When you start to see and feel physical changes to your chest, you should start to go shopping for your first training bra. A comfortable first bra can be a simple camisole (for those who have yet to bud), a sports bra or a bra with lining (as opposed to padding).

Your nipples are not weird

As your breasts develop, you will notice that your nipples will change too. They will darken in colour and some people may have hair growing, and some may have their nipples turned inward. Some people may also have milk discharge from their nipples during puberty. Don’t freak out! These are all common and not any cause for concern.

Pain and discomfort is common

Are your breasts feeling sore, achy or tender? As they, you may experience discomfort. The growth stretches the skin and other tissues causing pain in your breasts. It is also common for breasts to become tender before or during menstrual periods, due to hormonal changes.

How to know what bra size to buy

This is a tip all women need to know because too many women are still buying the wrong size! Before buying a bra, you will need 2 measurements. First, you’ll need to run a measuring tape under your bust to determine the band of your bra. Then, you need to hole the tape around the fullest part of your breasts to get your bust size. If you’re still unsure, go to a shop or department store and get yourself properly measured. The shop ladies there will know best.

You can predict your breast size

Depending on your weight, body type and what runs in your family, you can actually estimate what breast size you may end up with. Your ability to breastfeed also does not depend on your breast size.
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