The Bright Side of #StayHome

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The Bright Side of #StayHome

The unique consequence of an unprecedented situation, staying home has been full of ups and downs. As many suffer from the loss of business opportunities and employment, others have scrambled to adapt to working remotely. Being a full-time stay home employee has also been emotionally taxing for many, when coupled with other family and care-giving responsibilities. 

In spite of all this, encouraging stories of appreciation, kindness and solidarity have emerged, giving us some much needed courage and hope. The resilience of the human spirit and its capacity for love and care has been the silver lining in this difficult situation, and will continue to guide us through the turmoil and uncertainty we face. 

As the end of the circuit breaker period draws near, we take a look at some of the good things that have come out of the whole #StayHome period!

Keeping Everyone Safe, Including Our Loved Ones

Stay Home

Although the inability to meet our loved ones face-to-face might be strange and stressful for many of us, we can take comfort in the fact that our actions are indirectly protecting those we love. Video-calls, virtual hangouts and online games are some of the many creative ways of staying in touch!

Revisiting Old Hobbies and Discovering New Ones

Stay Home

Staying home has had the unintentional but welcome side-effect of allowing us the time to enjoy some of our hobbies. It has helped us take a step back, slow down and enjoy the things we love doing, whether online or offline. 

Creating Precious Moments Together

The Covid-19 situation has definitely highlighted how transient life can be. Though this may be frightening, it also helps us to appreciate the things and people we have with us at this present moment. No one knows what tomorrow brings, so let us treasure the memories we can create with our loved ones today. 

The Start of Something New, and Better!

Stay Home

Witnessing the strength of the people who keep our country running, and the support provided to those in need, we can face whatever lies ahead of us after Covid-19 with confidence!


Artwork Credit: Shumin (Instagram – @tifaaani)

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Let’s all #StayHome together! 

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