What Should You Eat For Your COVID-19 Vaccination?

What Should You Eat for your COVID-19 Vaccination?

Are there any special diet out there that can help to boost the effectiveness of the COVID-19 Vaccine? Should we avoid any food before and after the vaccination that can potentially make the symptoms worse? How about food that can help to lessen the severity of the symptoms? Can I drink alcohol before and after my vaccination?

We understand that food (and alcohol) is a big and important part of many people’s lives and naturally, we will start to wonder if any of these can affect our COVID-19 vaccination in one way or another.

Hence, Raffles Health Insurance has invited Ms. Bibi Chia, Principal Dietitian from Raffles Medical Group, to give us her views on the dietary recommendations for the COVID-19 Vaccination.

Read our infographic below to find out more about the Frequently Asked Questions and dietary tips for vaccination.

Are you taking your COVID-19 vaccination soon?

Infectious disease experts believe that the key component of Singapore’s three-pronged approach against Covid-19 is vaccination. Vaccination is an important step for Singapore to achieve herd immunity and long-term protection.

If you or your loved ones are taking the COVID-19 vaccination soon, you may be interested to understand the possible side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine and how to manage them.

You may also wish to watch our past webinar where our medical experts from Raffles Medical Group have addressed some of the common queries of the COVID-19 vaccination. In the webinar, you may also hear various vaccination experiences from our guest panelists as well.

Protect against COVID-19 vaccination side effects today.

Raffles Health Insurance is also providing Raffles COVID Safe Cover, a complimentary insurance plan that provides up to $5,000 coverage for side effects requiring hospitalisation from your COVID-19 vaccination. The coverage only activates after your COVID-19 Vaccination, whenever it may be. Sign up for your free coverage today!

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