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Will An Integrated Plan Cover Me More?

Of Course.

Every year, your Medisave is automatically used to pay for your MediShield Life premiums – a compulsory health insurance for all Singaporean Citizens (SC) and Permanent Residents (PR). 

With MediShield Life Only
  • Provides basic coverage targeted at large hospital bills in class B2/C (Public Hospital)
  • Do not cover Pre- & Post- hospitalisation.
  • MediShield Life payout annual limit is only $100,000. Any amount of the bill above the annual limit of $100,000 will be payable by you.
With Integrated Shield Plan Higher Coverage And Greater Protection Against Large Hospital Bills
  • Wider scope of coverage
  • Coverage up to A/B1 class wards in public and private hospitals
  • Some benefits are as charged, instead of being capped at limits
  • Covers Pre- & Post- hospitalisation

Claim Limits: The maximum amount you can claim from MediShield Life depends
on the claim limit for each type of expense.

Deductible: The amount which you have to pay before we pay any claim under your policy.

Co-Insurance: The amount which you have to co-pay after the deductible has been applied to the reasonable and customary expenses (usually 10%).

Will An Integrated Shield Plan Cost Me More?

Yes, A Little, But For Good Reasons.

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MediShield Life Yearly Premium:$ is deducted from your Medisave
Your Yearly MediSave Additional Withdrawl Limit: $

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Raffles Shield Standard Raffles Shield B Raffles Shield A Raffles Shield Private
Integrated Shield Plan Coverage $ $ $ $
Total Premium/Year (Paid with Medisave) $ $ $ $
Personal Cash Outlay $ $ $ $

Illustrative Case Study

Mr Tan, a 46-year old was diagnosed with Coronary Artery Disease. The doctor recommended him to undergo Coronary Angioplasty (PTCA) procedure. Mr Tan was admitted at A class ward in public hospital and his bill was $36,500.

I Have MediShield Life,
What More Could Raffles Shield Offer Me?

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Inpatient & Day Surgery Benefits MediShield Life
Coverage Up To –
Raffles Shield Plan
Coverage Up To –
Daily Ward & Treatment Charges $700/Day As Charged
Daily Ward & Treatment Charges In ICU $1,200/Day As Charged
Community Hospital (Up To 45 Days Per Hospitalisation) $350/Day As Charged
Surgery $200 – $2,000 As Charged
Surgical Implants & Approved Medical Consumables $7,000/Admission As Charged
Gamma Knife $4,800/Procedure As Charged
Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment $100/Day (Up To 35 Days) $8,000/Year
Accidental Inpatient Dental Treatment Not Covered Covered

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Coverage Up To –
Raffles Shield Plan
Coverage Up To –
Kidney Dialysis $1,000/Month As Charged
Radiotherapy (i) External or Superficial (ii) Brachytherapy (i) $140/Session (ii) 500/Session As Charged
Chemotherapy $3,000/Month As Charged
Immunotherapy Not Covered As Charged
Stereotactic Radiotherapy $1,800/Treatment As Charged
Immunosuppressants For Organ Transplant $200/Month As Charged
Erythropoietin $200/Month As Charged

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Additional benefits MediShield Life Raffles Shield Plan
(Excluding Standard Plan)
Pre-Hospitalisation Treatment (Subject To Max. No. of Days) Not Covered Covered
Post-Hospitalisation Treatment (Subject To Max. No. of Days) Not Covered Covered
Post-Hospitalisation Psychiatric Treatment* Not Covered Covered
Waiver Of Premium For Insured* Not Covered Covered
Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy Not Covered Covered
Major Organ Transplant Covered Covered
Stem Cell Transplant Covered Covered
Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Due To Blood Transfusion And Occupationally Acquired HIV Covered Covered
Living Donor Organ Transplant Covered Covered
Pregnancy Complications Benefit Covered Covered
Congenital Abnormalities Benefit For Insured Covered Covered
*Terms and Conditions Apply.

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