Oil and Gas plan offers you and your employees wide-ranging international healthcare, and ensures that the people critical to your business can access medical expertise wherever they live or work.

Tailor-made for your industry

In the oil and gas industry, safeguarding your employees’ health makes sound commercial sense.

Should a member of your company fall ill, it’s natural to want the very best health cover available – not only for their well-being, but also for the operation of your business.

This is exactly what our Oil and Gas Plan can offer. Whenever your employees live and work, whether outside their home country, in a remote location or a major city, they will have worldwide cover – including the USA. For informed advice and support, your employees will have telephone access from anywhere in the world to our multi-lingual team of dedicated health professionals.

Optional Assistance Cover Helps To Give You Total Reassurance

Should one of your employees become seriously ill, injured or require in-patient treatment, you need to know they have access to medical attention. The quality of medical care varies throughout the world. Not every hospital has the medical facilities we consider necessary for our members. That’s why we’ve introduced the Assistance Cover option, with two levels of cover to choose from:


Straight to the nearest centre of medical excellence

This is an option for anyone concerned about the quality of local health care. We offer cover for emergency evacuation, if medically necessary, to the nearest appropriate centre of medical excellence equipped to deal with your employee’s condition, wherever they are in the world*


Opt to be treated in their home country

Our higher level of Assistance Cover gives you the choice of returning your staff to their national country of origin for treatment if, for medical reasons, the treatment is not available locally.

*We may not be able to arrange Evacuation or Repatriation in cases where the local situation makes it impossible, unreasonably dangerous or impractical to enter the area; for example from an oil rig or within a warzone.

Key features included in all levels of cover

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