Raffles Critical Illness Plan

Safeguard your financial future against the unexpected challenges of Critical Illness

This plan covers for 37 critical illnesses with an option for early and intermediate stage critical illness coverage.

Start Your Protection Early with Raffles Critical Illness Plan

1 in 4 people may develop
cancer in their lifetime¹

About 1 in 4 people were below age
60 during the onset of stroke²





Introducing the Raffles Critical Illness Plan – the solution for closing your critical illness protection gap. Our plan seamlessly integrates into your existing critical illness portfolio and accommodates your current financial commitments, whether you choose our yearly or 5-year renewable term plan.

We understand that needs change over time, which is why our short tenure commitment offers flexibility and cost savings without long-term commitments. Plus, our simple health declaration process determines your enrolment eligibility without the need for extensive medical inquiries, document submissions and medical check-ups.

By having sufficient coverage, you can reduce interruptions to your financial plans as you journey through life. For additional peace of mind, consider our Early Critical Illness Rider, which provides a lump sum payout in the event of early and intermediate critical illness.

Key Benefits

Reduce your financial burden

Receive 100%⁵ of lump sum cash payout upon diagnosis of the covered 37 major stage critical illnesses, as defined in LIA⁶.

100% Payout for 37 Critical Illnesses

Enhanced protection against early & intermediate stage critical illnesses

Choose to cover for an additional sum assured of 50% to 100%⁷ for 9 common Early and Intermediate Stage critical illnesses.

Option to add Early Critical Illness Rider

Save time and get covered today

Fulfil only 3 simple health declaration questions to be enrolled in the plan. No further medical underwriting is required.

Easy Application with no medical examination

Nimble solutions to complement your insurance portfolio

Align your critical illness coverage with your present needs. Enjoy the flexibility to boost your existing coverage as required, with a focus on shorter term commitments.

Choice of Yearly or 5-Year Renewable Term

Seize the opportunity to bridge your critical illness gap effortlessly with budget-friendly premiums

Our premiums are structured to enable individuals of various ages to enhance their critical illness coverage according to their current life stage, all without the need for substantial financial commitments.

Cost-Effective Premiums

How Raffles Critical Illness works

David, aged 40, non-smoker, purchases Raffles Critical Illness plan with a coverage amount of $100,000. He chooses yearly renewable term plan. His premium is $21 per month. He decided to add on the Early Critical Illness Rider with a coverage amount of $50,000 for an additional premium of $3 per month.

He answered 3 health questions, and his policy was accepted, without any lengthy underwriting process.


David purchases Raffles Critical Illness Plan with a coverage amount of $100,000.

He later adds on the Early Critical Illness Rider.


He’s diagnosed with early lung cancer.

He receives a lump sum payout of $50,000 from the Early Critical Illness Rider. His Early Critical Illness Rider ends.

The basic plan continues to cover him for $100,000 for the 37 critical illnesses.


He undergoes angioplasty for a blocked artery.

He receives a lump sum payout of $10,000. (10% of Sum Assured $100,000)


Two years later, he was diagnosed with end stage kidney failure.

He receives a lump sum payout of $90,000 from the basic plan and his policy ends.

Total benefits David receives: $150,000

“Are You Covered?”

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Additional Information


The Policyholder (also the Insured) must be a:

  • Singapore Citizen;
  • Singapore Permanent Resident; or
  • Foreigner who has an eligible valid pass with a Foreign Identification Number (FIN).

(When these conditions are not met, the policy will be automatically terminated at the next policy anniversary)

The minimum entry age is 19 years old, and last entry age is 60, based on the Insured’s age at his or her next birthday (ANB).

Its short-term tenure offers flexibility for you to align your current critical illness protection needs. The upfront premiums are generally lower, making it an ideal choice for those with short-term considerations and budget constraints.

  • Customers with a few years of remaining mortgage payments who want to ensure that future instalments can be covered in the event of a loss of income due to critical illness.
  • Foreigners who do not wish to commit to a longer-term plan due to uncertainty about the length of time they will be in Singapore.
  • Customers who are nearing retirement and want to be adequately covered for the period prior to their retirement.
  • Customers who wish to close their critical illness protection gap.

At the point of application, you only need to answer our 3 health questions to determine if your application will be accepted or declined. When you make a claim, it is necessary for you to submit medical records for our claim assessment. Pre-existing conditions will be excluded.

No. Future renewals will not be affected by any new health conditions that you may develop. However, If you wish to increase the critical illness coverage, it is subject to underwriting.

According to Life Insurance Association Singapore 2022 Protection Gap Study, critical illness protection needs is 3.9 times of your annual income. For additional insights, please consult your Raffles Health Advisor or financial advisor.


1. Singapore Cancer Society.

2. Singapore Stroke Registry Annual Report 2020

3. Singapore Myocardial Infarction Registry Annual Report 2020

4. Life Insurance Association Singapore. 2022 Protection Gap Study – Singapore (published 2023)

5. 100% of basic sum assured, with the exception of Angioplasty and Other Invasive Treatments for Coronary in which we will advance 10% of the sum assured, capped at $25,000.

6. Life Insurance Association Singapore

7. % of your Raffles Critical Illness Plan’s sum assured. Payout of Early Critical Illness Rider does not reduce your Raffles Critical Illness Plan’s sum assured.

We are here to help, always

If you need any assistance in choosing the right critical illness plan for you or your loved ones, you may contact our Raffles Health Advisors for a free consultation here.