Raffles Shield Panel Specialists

Dr Thong Pao-Wen

Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Clinic Details


Clinic Address: Level 12, Raffles Hospital, 585 North Bridge Road Singapore 188770
Clinic Number: +65 6311 1111
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri : 8.30am to 6pm, Sat: 8.30am to 1pm

Dr Joan Thong Pao Wen is an Obstetrician & Gynaecologist specialising in Reproductive Medicine and Minimally Invasive Surgery, having completed her training in Kandang Kerbau Hospital and later in Edinburgh in these two areas of work. Dr Thong is an authorized IVF practitioner with the Ministry of Health, Singapore. She contributes actively to the Raffles Fertility Centre, which provides a comprehensive range of fertility treatments, inclusive of ovulation induction, superovulation, intra-uterine insemination and state of the art in-vitro fertilization with intracytoplasmic injection and embryo cryopreservation. Dr Thong is a very experienced Reproductive Surgeon, using highly developed hysteroscopic and laparosopic surgical techniques to primarily restore natural fertility by reversing a structural problem as a first line.

She is also highly skilled at using these surgical techniques as a complementary treatment prior to IUI or IVF to greatly enhance the pregnancy success from these two assisted reproductive procedures. She also has very developed skills in general Gynaecological minimally invasive surgery for the removal of very large uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts and the uterus through keyhole surgery to help alleviate patients symptoms as well as to prevent gynaecological malignancies. She was one of the team of Consultant Surgeons involved in the highly successful separation of infant Korean conjoint twin sisters connected at the pelvis, the lower end of their spine, the lower end of their intestinal tract and some parts of their genitalia in July 2003. Her role was mainly in the separation of and reconstruction of their female genitalia to restore and enable full function for the twin girls.