Shield-A-Friend FAQs

Raffles Health Insurance “Shield-a-Friend”
Referral Program (“Program”)

Frequently Asked Questions on Shield-A-Friend Program

What is Raffles Shield?

Raffles Shield is an Integrated Shield Plan (IP) that complements your Medishield Life scheme, enhancing your healthcare coverage. Yearly premiums can be paid for using your Medisave, which means less cash out of your pocket.

When did Raffles Shield first start?

Raffles Shield started in August 2018. It is the first shield plan that is backed by a Medical Group.

Can I refer my family and get rewards?

Under the Terms & Conditions, the referral rewards shall not be payable if the Referred Friend purchase Raffles Shield plans under other campaigns or offers (e.g. RMG staff and family discount, corporate offers), unless otherwise specified.

Which Raffles Shield plan should I consider?

We offer Raffles Shield A, B, Standard and Private plans. We also provide various options to suit the needs of each individual. These include two Options – Raffles Hospital option and High Deductible option and two Riders- Key Rider and Premium rider. Popular plans are Raffles Shield Private plan and Raffles Shield A + Raffles Hospital Option. However, our Raffles Health Advisors will recommend the best plans to suit the needs of your friend.

How is Raffles Shield different from other insurers?

We are the only Integrated Shield Plan that is backed by a Medical Group. We also cover 3 pre-existing conditions (Hypertension, Hyperlipidaemia and Diabetes) subject to review if the conditions are well-managed. We also offer the Raffles Hospital option on top of the Raffles Shield A to give policyholders an option of enjoying private healthcare without having to pay the full premiums for private plans.

I don’t know about the details of Raffles Shield. How do I refer my friends?I don’t know about the details of Raffles Shield. How do I refer my friends?

Under the Shield-A-friend program, you are not obligated to sell any of the plans to your friends. For more information, you may refer them to our Raffles Health Advisors who will help you to close the case. You only need to refer and get the rewards once their applications are successful!

Is there a minimum number of friends that I need to refer? Will I be removed from the program if I don’t refer anyone?

No. There is no minimum number of friends you need to refer in order to stay in the program.

If my friend’s application was rejected, do I still get the rewards for referrals?

We only provide rewards for every successful application. In other words, if your friend’s application was unfortunately rejected, no reward will be given for this particular referral. However, your friend may consider to appeal if he/she has a valid reason/evidence against the rejection.

If my friends are foreigners, can they buy Raffles Shield?

Foreigners can only purchase the Raffles Shield Private plan.

Many of my friends already have a Shield plan. I don’t see the need to refer them.

Our Raffles Shield plans are competitive in the market in terms of pricing. Many of our policyholders make a switch to Raffles Shield, given that the coverage compared to other insurers are almost the same. If you have friends who think that their premiums are way too expensive, you may recommend your friends to make a switch and save more! Furthermore, our Raffles Health Advisors are here to help your friends make the comparison with his/her current shield plan with no obligations.

If my friends have pre-existing conditions, will Raffles Shield accept them?

Raffles Shield cover 3 pre-existing chronic conditions (Hypertension, Hyperlipidaemia and Diabetes) subject to review if the condition(s) is/are well-managed. Policyholders with these pre-existing conditions will have to enrol in our Raffles Care Management Programme (RCMP). Under this programme, our medical doctors will help to manage their health.

In the event that your friend has other pre-existing conditions (glaucoma, kidney disease, cancers etc), the application will be subject to underwriting.

Do I have to ask my friends to come down personally for application?

You are highly encouraged to fill in the contact form and our Raffles Health Advisors will contact your friend personally to make an appointment at their own time.

What type of friends should I recommend Raffles Shield to?

Having an Integrated Shield plan is an essential part of an insurance portfolio, especially with rising medical costs. Therefore, we would encourage you to share about this programme with as many of your friends as possible.

What are the ways to refer my friends?

You may go to our Raffles Shield website ( > Contact Us > Fill in the Contact form with the following details;

  • Name and Contact details of Friend.
  • Under Text, key in “Referred by [full name of Referrer]”.
  • Under Promo code, key in “FRIEND”.

Can I bring my friend down directly to Raffles Health Insurance Customer Centre?

Yes. However, we do encourage you to sign up for your friend before heading down to our office at here

Can my friends quote my name if he/she comes down directly to the office?Can my friends quote my name if he/she comes down directly to the office?

Yes. However, we do encourage you to sign up for your friend before heading down to our office at here

Where can I find the pricing for the different plans?

Please refer to link below for more information; (Brochure) or (Calculator based on age)

Alternatively, contact us at +65 6286 2866 (Raffles Health Insurance Customer Centre Hotline) or to find out more.

How do I know that my friends have successfully applied for Raffles Shield?

We will inform you via email on a monthly basis.

How do I get paid for the referral program?

Your total rewards for the month will be credited to your bank account on the 15th of the following month. Please note that there is a free-look period of 30 days after the issuance of each policy. The reward is only payable if your friend’s policy passed the free-look period.

In other words, if your friend’s policy started on 15th September 2019 and remained in force on 15th October 2019, you would be able to receive your reward on 15th November 2019.

If my friend decided to drop off the shield plan, will he/she receive a refund?

If your friend cancels the policy during the free-look period, he/she may receive a full refund of the private insurance component of the Premium, as long as no claims have been paid.

If he/she cancels her policy after a claim has been paid, or after the free-look period, we will provide a pro-rated refund of the unused Integrated Plan’s Premiums.

I wish to drop out of Shield-A-Friend program. Who can I inform?

You may email us directly at if you wish to drop out of the program.